Welcome Creatives...

We are excited to see you here! A little insight about what Scopic is:

Scopic is building to become a Portland based online directory of creative freelancers.

This directory will be perused by some of Portland's top creative agencies looking for their next freelance hire. Our new platform will allow them to see only the most important tidbits about you and your work, enabling them to quickly assess whether or not you're the right fit for the job. 

Organic Results
Creative profiles are free, and search results are based on data alone. That means if you’re the best fit for the job, you’ll show up first.

Make Your Full Rate
Hirers don’t pay a recruiting or commission fee when they hire you, which means they’re free to pay you a fair rate with no one skimming off the top. 

Become a Legit Professional
The better you are at the business stuff, the more successful your projects and the happier your hirers. We know that professional development isn’t often a big part of creative education, so we’re here to help. For now, check out our Resources section, and keep an eye out for other materials and special events. 

You might ask, "Where is this platform that you speak of?" Well, we are tirelessly toiling to bring it to life, and we're set to launch this September. To get more details about why we started Scopic click here.