What Happened to The profiles?

Profiles are no longer publicly viewable on the website, but hirers can still access creatives' info from us (go here). This means if the job is a good fit they will be in touch! But don't worry, profiles will be viewable and editable on the new web platform, so vast improvements are coming your way! 

What kind of creatives will be on the site? 

People throw the word "creative" around loosely. Here’s who we call “creatives” at Scopic at this time:

Project Managers
Sound Engineers

How Much does it cost? 

Creatives pay nothing. No need to turn out your pockets looking for cash. Scopic exists to help you get work.

Once Scopic officially launches, we’ll set a flat monthly rate for hirers. Contact us for more on rates.

As A hirer, Why Should I use Scopic? 

Save Time and Money

If you’ve ever needed a creative freelancer, you know the frustrations that can come with finding the perfect person. Scopic connects you with a wide selection of local creatives, from interns ready to hit the ground running to creative directors able to build your campaign from scratch.

Scopic gives you a database of browseable creative profiles. You’ll get only the most relevant details, including skill sets, experience, past projects, work culture, all in one place.


We're Local and Grass Fed

OK, we can't guarantee “grass-fed.” But Scopic is absolutely 100% local.

Freelancers on Scopic are Portland based, which means they know the market. Being Portland-specific means work is delivered at consistent prices, which everyone can raise a glass to! 🍻