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Welcome Hirers...

We are excited to see you here! A little insight about what Scopic is:

Scopic is building to become a Portland based online directory of creative freelancers.


We all know that in Portland, everyone and their mother is some kind of creative, so it shouldn't take so much time and money to find one when you need one. We started Scopic to make that easier. Here's why we're the best: 

Local Talent
We’ve got the best & brightest in our very own backyard. We’ll help you tap into your own creative community.

Relevant Insights
We show you only the most relevant information—no more, no less–based on realistic industry standards. This makes it quick & easy to compare candidates and accurately asses whether a freelancer is right for a project.

Work With Whomever
We’re here to help you make connections, not stand in your way. Your flat monthly fee gives you full access to our organized directory of freelancers. With no commission or recruiting fees, there’s no reason not to hire as many freelancers as you need.

You might ask, "Where is this platform that you speak of?" Well, we are tirelessly toiling to bring it to life, and we're set to launch this September. To get more details about why we started Scopic, tap here.