our Purpose

We want to make Portland’s creative engine hum smoothly by refining the relationships between creatives and hiring groups.

Freelancing is the future. By 2020, an estimated 50% of the full-time workforce will be freelancers or independent workers, the biggest shift in the US workforce since the Industrial Revolution. 

Nowhere is this change felt more deeply than in the creative community. Once-rigid employment models are giving way to fluid, project-based workstreams.

Adapting to this shift is critical to the health and stability of Portland’s creative economy. Freelancing isn’t a side gig or stopgap between jobs. Freelancing is a career.

We empower creative freelancers to make smart decisions from the start while helping hirers create consistent, realistic expectations based on industry standards. Scopic builds strong working relationships between creative talent and hirers based on mutual trust and respect.



Howdy! Scopic is brought to you by the caffeine-powered duo of President Wyatt Benoit (left) & CEO Chloe Steinhoff-Smith (right).

Many moons ago…

Wyatt and Chloe met while studying communication design at Pacific Northwest College of Art. It wasn’t love at first sight. As they continued working together, both women realized the value and potential of their collaboration.

After graduating, Wyatt and Chloe freelanced for Portland agencies large and small. They learned to love the flexibility of freelancing, coupled with agency structure and support. With that in mind, they founded their own design studio, Nocturne Collective, in 2014.

Nocturne Collective

Nocturne Collective brought together a broad network of truly awesome people. Without staffing costs, Nocturne Collective made possible the assembly of specialized, passionate teams tailored to specific project needs while simultaneously creating a supportive community conducive to professional prosperity.

Happier talent. Better work. Combined with Portland’s bounty of creatives, surely this was the winning formula. “If you build it, they will come,” right?  

Reality check

Wyatt and Chloe found themselves spending almost all their time curating talent. Projects languished. They asked themselves, “What the frack, Portland?”

In a city raining creative talent like The Weather Girls’ men, they knew there was a better way to identify and support Portland’s bevy of talent. Thus, Scopic was born.