our roots

Hello and welcome! Scopic is brought to you by us, a hard-working team of two: Wyatt Benoit (President, left) and Chloe Steinhoff-Smith (CEO, right).

We met a few moons ago...
when we were studying Communication Design at  Pacific Northwest College of Art. It wasn’t love at first sight, but we have slowly grown on each other. After graduation, we both gained good experience working in Portland as freelancers and at agencies both large and small. We loved the freedom of flexibility of freelancing, as well as the structure and support of agency life, and with that in mind we founded our own studio, Nocturne Collective, in 2014. 

Our dream was to work solely with a big network of awesome creative freelancers. Without the overhead of a full time staff, we would be able to build teams of passionate freelancers for each project, and create a supportive community where we could all thrive. Happier creatives, better work, and everyone and their mom is a creative in Portland, so finding them should be no problem! HUZZAH! Great idea, right?

The reality check came when we found ourselves spending 75% of our time and way too much money searching for the right creative talent, rather than on actual projects. We thought, what the frack Portland? In a city that is raining creative talent like The Weather Girl's men, why is it so hard to find one when you need one?! And out of that frustration, Scopic was born.