Google's AI-Based Gemini App and Toggle Released for Android and iOS Globally

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Google's AI-Based Gemini App and Toggle Released for Android and iOS Globally

India and multiple other regions are beginning to witness the introduction of Google's Gemini application for Android. Reportedly, while there is no standalone Gemini app for iOS, users can find a new switch on the Google app's top, permitting them to apply the AI-assisted chatbot's features. Debuting on Android on February 8, initially it was restricted to the US; now, the propagation is extending to over 150 nations and territories.

As per the details mentioned on the company’s support page, currently, the Gemini mobile app supports English, Korean, and Japanese languages and is available in over 150 nations. The full country index is up on Google's support page. Although iPhone patrons do not have a dedicated Gemini app yet, they can still access its offerings via the Google App.

Users can access the Gemini app on a 4GB RAM or more smartphone, which also has Android 12 or a recent Google operating software version. Similarly, iPhone users should have iOS 16 or a recent version to access the Gemini toggle. As the AI service supports only English, Japanese, and Korean, it will be available on phones with these languages settings. Additionally, users must be logged in to a personal Google Account or a Workspace account where administrators enabled this feature.

Jack Krawczyk, a senior Google official, said in a post that restrictions related to image uploading and generation on the Gemini app were being eased slightly. He added that they strive to responsibly keep working on refusals related to images and texts.

Users who had replaced the Google Assistant with Gemini on their Android smartphones reported not having clear information on which features the AI could execute. Krawczyk assured that they are working on this to reduce this gap and make things more clear.