Kaer Morhen of The Witcher 3 Replicated out of LEGO by a Fan

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Kaer Morhen of The Witcher 3 Replicated out of LEGO by a Fan

It’s a common knowledge now that every significant location from the real or a fictional world will sooner or later be recreated in Minecraft. But one fan of the Witcher game series has gone further than that. A Redditor named Rampart87 has created an impressive replica of Kaer Morhen, the witchers’ castle, of Lego bricks and minifigs.
Strangely, given the popularity of the franchise, Lego hasn’t made any Witcher-themed sets so far. Rampart87 decided to fill the gap and made the replica that required between 80 and 100 thousand elements to build. As for the time required, the author doesn’t specify that, despite participating in conversations on Reddit.
The iconic Kaer Morhen appearance, a grim castle with paved courtyard and witcher gear and equipment, is coming from the Witcher 3, the most visually advanced game in The Witcher franchise by CDPR. The later series by Netflix paid homage to the game, for example, taking the in-game Kaer Morhen as the example for its own representation of the witchers’ half-abandoned yet sturdy home.
The impressive object can be seen at Bricks and Minifigs, a toy store on 41st and Kiwanis (Sioux Falls, South Dakota). Specializing in selling new and used LEGO bricks and sets, this store exhibits the replica of Kaer Morhen in its hall, advertising current and upcoming sales. Given the popularity of The Witcher franchise and the sheer size of the object, it has become one of the biggest (in all meanings) eye-candies for the visitors.
Can it get more impressive? Yes, probably. There are also Minecraft recreations of Kaer Morhen (that was inevitable). And soon we will see the iconic location (as well as all the other ones) in the next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is soon to be available.
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