LinkedIn Dives into the World of Online Gaming with New In-App Games

  • Olivia Harrington
  • 79
LinkedIn Dives into the World of Online Gaming with New In-App Games

The professional networking giant LinkedIn is charting a new territory that may come as a surprise to many of its users. With the launch of in-app games, LinkedIn is breaking away from its traditional role as just a business and employment-oriented platform. The move to integrate gaming into its services is an innovative approach aimed at increasing user engagement, providing delightful breaks during work hours, and exploring new strategies to keep members connected through interactive and enjoyable experiences.

The inclusion of games within the LinkedIn ecosystem is a strategic play that aligns with the growing trend of combining gaming with digital content consumption. Users on LinkedIn can now enjoy a selection of three unique puzzle games: Pinpoint, Crossclimb, and Queens. Each game offers a distinctive challenge, from word association to inventive word ladders and the intriguing spatial strategy game akin to sudoku. This initiative not only offers a refreshing mental diversion but also serves as an enticing metric for daily achievement and friendly competition among professional peers. These metrics include tracking high scores, maintaining daily streaks, and showing leaderboards that span schools, companies, and individual networks. This approach is reminiscent of other successful platforms that have utilized gaming to boost subscriber retention and enhance user interaction.

It's clear that LinkedIn's foray into gaming is not an isolated event; instead, it's part of a broader trend that has seen other digital entities, such as The New York Times and streaming service giant Netflix, leverage games to build and maintain their customer base. The Times has shown how games like Wordle can become viral sensations and contribute significantly to subscription revenue. Similarly, Netflix has been expanding its gaming portfolio with exclusive mobile titles, capitalizing on the synergy between entertainment and interactive play.

By stepping into the gaming arena, LinkedIn is redefining what it means to be a professional networking site. This pivot towards incorporating leisure activities within a professional context reflects a forward-thinking approach to member engagement and retention. The games are currently free, indicating that LinkedIn’s primary goal is to bring an element of fun and camaraderie into the professional sphere. As digital companies grapple with the challenge of keeping users hooked on their platforms, LinkedIn’s innovative step could very well be a game-changer that amplifies its appeal as a social and professional hub.