Marvel Rivals Players Exploit Doctor Strange's Portal Ability to Dominate Matches

  • Olivia Harrington
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Marvel Rivals Players Exploit Doctor Strange's Portal Ability to Dominate Matches

The awaited title from Marvel, speculated to rival Overwatch, has not made its official debut, but already, players utilizing Doctor Strange are manipulating their path to triumph with minimal effort.

Participants in the closed alpha of Marvel Rivals are uncovering methods to exploit the hero-based shooter utilizing Doctor Strange's formidable portal loop skill.

Although the team-based shooter developed by Marvel and NetEase Games, reminiscent of Overwatch, is not available as of yet, enthusiasts have been navigating its alpha version for more than a week. With a selection of over a dozen legendary superheroes and abundant dynamic fights straight out of comic books, it's hardly shocking that gamers are finding ways to circumvent the intended gameplay mechanics in this preliminary stage. Indeed, they're opting to bypass expected game mechanics entirely. The utilization of Doctor Strange's ability to manipulate portals, if considered for its potential misuse in a team multiplayer setting, appears not just overwhelming but absurdly so, enabling the decimation of entire opposing teams in singular acts.

This situation brings to mind the original Overwatch and the frustration born from Symmetra's notorious teleporter. Videos highlighting the exploit of Doctor Strange's portal loop exhibit players positioning one portal exit close to the adversary's spawn point and the other in a location that either ensures the immediate downfall of the enemy or traps them within their initial zone. Tactics vary from setting both portals directly outside the opposing team's spawn locations to placing one at the adversary's point of origin and the other at a map's edge as demonstrated. Executing these strategies seems to require little effort.

The developers have not yet officially commented on this exploit, but as these demonstrations gain more attention, it's plausible that adjustments to Doctor Strange's portal loop will be implemented before the beta or general release. It's likely that the developers will alter the mechanics to limit portal placement to the vicinity of Doctor Strange or prevent placement near enemy spawn points. Despite plans to refine the game's roster of 39 characters and address this disruptive tactic, those with early access can for now exploit the sorcerer's skill, which is restricted by a three-minute cooldown period.

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