Microcivilization: New Clicker Game that Blends Strategy, Civilization, and Divine Retribution

  • Leo Gallagher
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Microcivilization: New Clicker Game that Blends Strategy, Civilization, and Divine Retribution

In a new take on the civilization-building genre, indie developer Ondrej Homola's upcoming strategy clicker game, Microcivilization, presents the player with a unique challenge. Building ever-larger societies while rising through tiers of difficulty, players must decide when to 'ascend,' a choice that results in the collapse of their current civilization and earns them currency for future endeavors. But choose wisely - while there are certainly incentives to expand, the game also incorporates elements of divine retribution that are sure to test your strategic thinking.

Underneath this intriguing premise lies a gaming experience neatly packaged into alluring pixel art and immersive particle effects, sure to enthrall the players as they tap away to power their civilization. The standout feature evident from its demo release at the Steam Next Fest was its homage to mythology - the goal of building a towering 'Tower of Babel' piece by piece. Yet, each addition brings about a divine disaster to be countered - a nod to the Biblical tale where God foiled the construction of such a structure.

Surviving these disasters are engrossing gameplay elements in themselves. They require players to ingeniously generate and expend military resources to mitigate the disaster impact. Your choice of a leader can fortify or diversify your strategies - stymie the disaster progress for a steady wear-down, or go all out with potent bursts of damage while risking defensive capabilities. 

The game isn't confined to one particular period - its complete version proposes a sprawling timeline from ancient civilizations to the industrial era, evolving gameplay accordingly. Alongside this timeline comes a broad spectrum of challenges and enemy attacks, embodying the character of each epoch. Sink into the classical world with its forts and invasions, or navigate the complexities of industrial-age power plants under the specter of air raids.

The allure of Microcivilization lies not just in its distinctiveness but also in the engaging gameplay derived from its central premise. This new-age blend of civilization-building and divine retribution surely casts a novel light on the traditional 'rise and fall' trope embedded in the genre. With a promise of immersive, varied gameplay spanning across the eons of human civilization, Microcivilization is undoubtedly a game to anticipate if the genre resonates with you. It's more than just a game - it's an exciting opportunity to test your strategic skills against the very forces of the divine.