Pico Pioneers Virtual Reality Development with Inaugural Hackathon

  • Olivia Harrington
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Pico Pioneers Virtual Reality Development with Inaugural Hackathon

A technology's advancement is difficult without investment in current and future development. Bearing this in mind, virtual and augmented reality company PICO has arranged its inaugural hackathon, the PICO Dev Jam. The goal is to inspire students and novice VR developers to familiarize themselves with the development environment.

The contest is accessible to participants from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and China, with a $50,000 prize fund. Contestants are required to produce a new demo of an app, game, tool, or prototype experience using the latest version of PICO's developer SDK toolkit, which provides advanced facilities for mixed reality apps and games.

"PICO is dedicated to fortifying the entire XR ecosystem through open cooperation and idea exchange," stated Henry Zhou, president of PICO. "The PICO Dev Jam facilitates this by introducing the world of VR/MR to developers and university students, providing an opportunity to devise innovative tools and content that will not only serve PICO's customers, but will also influence the industry's evolution."

Competition entries should include a brief PowerPoint or video illustrating the contestant's proposal, a description of the developed functions and tools, and access to the project in progress for the panel to review and test. The winners from each region will be announced on December 5th, as it is an online event. However, PICO plans to visit universities and centers in Europe and North America to present its array of tools and products.