Discover the Top 5 Alternatives for Snapchat to Keep Up With Your Social Contacts

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Discover the Top 5 Alternatives for Snapchat to Keep Up With Your Social Contacts
As one of the leading social media platforms, Snapchat has grown immensely popular in recent years. It is widely used by users around the globe and serves as an excellent platform to connect with friends, family, and even strangers. But there are many alternatives to Snapchat that offer similar features at a fraction of its cost or even free of charge. This article will discuss five such alternative apps and what they have to offer compared to Snapchat. 

Instagram Stories 

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Instagram Stories is perhaps one of the most popular alternatives for those looking for an alternative app like Snapchat. Offered by Instagram itself, this feature allows users to post pictures or videos that stay visible for 24 hours before disappearing from their feeds. In addition, it offers easy-to-use tools such as stickers and text editing options which let users customize their posts further. Furthermore, unlike traditional posts on Instagram, which appear in your follower's feed once posted, stories can be viewed multiple times within a day if you choose so - making it ideal for short updates about events or activities happening in real-time across different locations around the world! 


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Viber is another great option if you're looking for something more than just stories on a social media platform. It works much like other messaging apps but also offers end-to-end encryption ensuring user privacy while chatting with contacts over its servers. Aside from messages that get deleted after viewing them twice (like stories on Instagram), it also supports voice calls along with various other communication methods, such as video conferencing and sending files up to 300MB in size each! Additionally, Viber also has no ads whatsoever, which makes using it all the more pleasant experience overall! 


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Telegram is another messaging app like Viber but comes with some unique features too - not least being its ability to store messages indefinitely without any limit set on how long they can stay visible within chats (unlike both stories on Instagram & messages sent through Viber). Other useful functions include support for group conversations with up to 200 people at once; secure file sharing; live location tracking; plus integration with third-party apps & services such as Google Maps & Dropbox, among others! All these make Telegram an incredibly versatile solution when looking into alternatives for Snapchat today! 


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Skype stands out from other messaging applications due primarily because it focuses mainly on audio/video – rather than text – interactions between contacts over its network instead (although text conversations are possible too). It also allows calls between up eight people simultaneously, along with several other advanced calling options, including HD video quality streaming; recording sessions; scheduling meetings ahead of time, etc., making Skype an excellent choice when having longer conversations rather than just quick ones found elsewhere online today!  


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WhatsApp probably needs no introduction given how widely used this application already is around the world right now – especially among those who don’t want anything else beyond the simple yet powerful messaging service offered here without any extra frills added onto it either way (as seen elsewhere). Its end-to-end encryption ensures privacy during chats while supporting multimedia content-sharing capabilities alongside regular texts, making WhatsApp an ideal choice when wanting something simpler yet highly functional enough compared to others mentioned above here today! 
If you are searching for a different app to Snapchat that has comparable functions at a lower price point or no cost, then these five applications – Instagram Stories, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and WhatsApp – should be satisfactory for most users currently. Each one presents different options so it's important to decide which one suits your needs best before committing yourself to any particular platform long-term!