How to Find a Minecraft Saddle Easily and Reliably

  • Leo Gallagher
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How to Find a Minecraft Saddle Easily and Reliably

Finding a Minecraft saddle can be a difficult task for even the most experienced of players. After all, it’s one of the few items that you can’t craft in the game. But don’t despair - there are still ways to get your hands on a saddle, and some of them are actually quite reliable. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find a Minecraft saddle.

Step 1: Open Chests in Dungeons

The best way to find a Minecraft saddle is to open chests in regular dungeons. The chance of any given chest containing a saddle varies slightly depending on whether you’re playing Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.

Open Chests

The chests with the highest chance of containing a saddle are the ones found in Nether Fortresses, Dungeons, Desert Temples, Villages, and Bastion Remnants. You can also find chests in End Cities, Jungle Temples, Strongholds, and Savanna Houses.

Step 2: Defeat Opponents Using a Saddle

Another method to acquire a saddle is by defeating adversaries utilizing them. For instance, you can encounter Zombified Piglins riding Striders and Ravagers, which will consistently relinquish the saddle upon their demise.

Step 3: Trade with a Master-Level Leatherworker

You can also get a saddle by trading with a master-level leatherworker. This is a guaranteed trade-in Java Edition, but it only has a 50% chance of success in Bedrock Edition.

Trade with a Master-Level Leatherworker

Step 4: Fish for a Saddle

Finally, you can also get a saddle by fishing, but the chance of this is less than 1%. This is why it’s not recommended as a reliable way to find a saddle.

Step 5: Use a Saddle

Once you have a saddle, you can use it to ride various animals in the game. To ride a pig, you need to equip it with the saddle and then use a carrot on a stick to control it.

Use a Saddle

To saddle horses, donkeys, and mules, you must first tame them by repeatedly sitting on them until they stop pushing you away. You can speed up this process a bit by feeding them. Once tamed, you can place a saddle in the animal's inventory and then ride and control it as you see fit.


That’s everything you need to know about finding a Minecraft saddle. Now you can go out into the open-world game riding a majestic steed to show off your status or vibe while riding a pig. Good luck, and happy hunting!